Discount Challenge 2.0

The Challenge

ChirohealthUSA needed to launch the second iteration of an educational campaign, designed to raise awareness amongst chiropractors about the risks of granting discounts to patients. This campaign had a contest component to make it more appealing, break through the marketplace noise, increase the level of engagement, and generate actionable leads.

The Solution

Studio Grafo refreshed the look and feel of the ad campaign using a vintage comic book style approach, with exaggerated facial expressions, aiming to catch the audience’s attention and increase the effectiveness of key communication points in the messaging. We were also actively involved in the casting of the talent used for the campaign, as well as in the art direction of the photoshoot. The campaign was launched to great reception and measurable traction in print, digital, marketing collateral and tradeshow mechanicals, and will remain active for a good portion of 2022.

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