Bringing you closer to home

The Challenge

VIP Communications wanted to create an online hub that would serve as a launching pad, not only for their calling products, but also for products and services catering to the African diaspora in the US. The challenge was developing a look and feel in the branding that would be emotionally attractive to the diverse identities within the African diaspora and, as a result, secure a level of use that would make the project viable.

The Solution

Studio Grafo helped VIP Communications set up and run focus groups in order to find out common elements of self-identification -usually codified in color, form, and tone- within the target audience. Based on that initial research, we went to the drawing board and came up with different name options, color combinations, and graphic treatments. Once a short list was decided upon, additional research was conducted, and after some final fine-tuning, Yorootz’s identity was born and warmly received.

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